FS-016B 6x30 600V 10A 6 Pole Midget Fuse Block

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  • FS-016B 6x30 600V 10A 6 Pole Midget Fuse Block

    Rated Voltage: 600V 

    Rated Current: 10A

    Pole: 6

    Dimension: 58.5 x 90.0 x 25.0 mm (L x W x H)

    Terminal Type: Screw with Pressure Plate

    Install Type: By Panel Mounted or  Din Rail Mounted are available.

    Suitable for 6x30mm Glass Tube Fuse.

    Power Failure in an optional parts.

    Certificate: RoHS

    Please see the Specification Table below:


FS-016B 6x30 600V 10A 6 Pole Midget Fuse Block


Gerneral Product Information
Item number: FS-016B
Rating: 600V, 10A, 6P
Size: 58.5x90.0x25.0 mm(L*W*H)
DIN Rail: 35mm DIN Rail
Fuse: 6x30 mm (1/4"x1/4'mm) fuse


Dimensions [mm]
Item No. Poles (P) Length (L) Width Height (H)
FS-011B 1 58.5 mm 15 mm 25 mm
FS-012B 2 30 mm
FS-013B 3 45 mm
FS-014B 4 60 mm
FS-015B 5 75 mm
FS-016B 6 90 mm
FS-017B 7 105 mm


8 120 mm


Product Photos


Product Features

Item Number: FS-016B

Rated Voltage: 600V

Rated Current: 10A

Install Type: Panel Mounted / DIN Rail Mounted

Pole: 6 Pole

Certificate: RoHS

Assembly with Din Rail TA-001A / TA-001S

Suitable For 6x30mm Glass Tube Fuse


Item No. FS-011B FS-012B FS-013B FS-014B FS-015B FS-16B FS-017B FS-018B
Length 58.5 mm
Width 15 mm 30 mm 45 mm 60 mm 75 mm 90 mm 105 mm 120 mm
Height 25 mm
Screws -
Rated Torque -
Terminal Type Presure Plate
Poles 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Electrical Specifications  
Rated Voltage 600V
Rated Current 10A
Wire Size (AWG) -
Base Materials PC
Color Black
Flame Retarded Grade UL 94V-2
Temperature 110℃
Accessories & Parts  
Ava. Fuse Specifications 6 x 30 mm (1/4" x 1/4")
Power-Off/Power Failure Indicators FS-010AC, FS-010DC24, FS-010DC48, FS-010DC125
DIN Rail Adapter Embedded
Ava. 35 mm DIN Rail TA-001A / TA-001S
Ava. End Clamp TA-002, TA-002H, TE-002, TF-ECL, TF-ECH, TE-002H


200pcs/ 1ct, N.W.: 16.3kgs/ carton


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2. For regular mass production, shipments can be arranged by air-shipping, sea-shipping or express. Let us know on your requirement we will try to save your budget and meet deadline.

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Webpage: Fuse Holder (FS-01xB Series)

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